Thursday, August 13, 2009


The plumbing, electrical and mechanical are basically done. So why the hold-up? We were hoping to have all the framing done by now, and the drywall up. Turns out, the city denied our permit, despite having hired an engineer to draw up a plan showing everything was structurally stable. The city disagreed, because our back wall is getting a larger window opening next to the back door. Apparently, this provides less lateral stability in case of earthquake. (!) So our wonderful contractor Randy figured out that laying plywood OVER the framing would provide extra stabilization. The engineer agreed, and is re-doing the structural drawings for us to re-apply for the permit. By the time all this happens, we will probably be at least a week behind schedule.

On the up-side, we picked out our backsplash tile (Ahnzu "Brushed Suede") and wall paint (Devine Moss), and our gorgeous 30" copper farm sink arrived from Signature Hardware. I probably already mentioned the beautiful handmade decorative tiles we got from Fay Jones Day down in Corvallis (

We've narrowed down our flooring choices as well - either quarter sawn red or white oak in a natural finish. We also decided to refinish the fir floors in the entry, living and dining rooms, so they will finally all be the same color.

So in the meantime, we wait.

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